That real time information allows you to have the edge in your supplier negotiation. Better negotiations on your number one cost only make your bottom line stronger.

Of RTi clients saved without changing suppliers or specifications.

RTi empowers your procurement team with the ability to have fact-based negotiations with your suppliers on a technical level. This allows you to achieve and sustain best-in-class pricing without RFPs and leverage plays. 


Just because we’ve saved you money doesn’t mean we stop working. RTi continues to partner with your team. Margin creep is a real thing. Often it occurs in as fast as one year. With RTi at your side for the long haul, keep your prices where they should be: as low as possible.

Our Analysts average 30 Plus Years in their field of expertise


Meet Some of Our Experts


RTI’s experts are in the market every day so you don’t have to be. It all starts with our unique view of the raw material market.  RTi has over 100 clients that buy more than 14 billion pounds of resin and over 50 clients that buy more than $6 billion in paper and corrugate. That gives us thousands of real-time pricing data points every day. If it happens in the world of resin and packaging, we’ve either heard about it or we are waiting for it to happen.  Do you need to know what resin traded at this morning? What Northern Bleached Kraft Paper traded at last night, or what is the actual cost to make a cup, lid and straw?  Our clients rely on us for that real-time information every day. 


Here’s what our clients have to say

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