Packaging buyers need us.

If you’re a food manufacturing company, consumer packaging food company, restaurant, med-pharma or another end-user brand that buys resin or paper-based packaging, PacIQ is for you.


Does your supplier consistently tell you they don’t make any money on your account? That the margins on your business are incredibly low? Your supplier has a vested interest in keeping your prices as high as possible. Our activity-based cost models will show what the REAL price of your packaging should be — no bias. Once we identify the areas of opportunity, we work with you to build a strategy that gets you to the price you should be paying for packaging, not what the supplier told you.

  • Bottles, caps and closures
  • Barrier film (printed and
  • Tubs and trays
  • Cups/lids/take-out containers
  • Corrugated boxes, folding cartons, tissue, paper cores (industrial)
  • Printed film items such as pouches, bags, and sachets
  • Plastics Packaging Supplier Cost Deconstruction and Cost Models
  • Plastics Packaging Negotiations and Choosing Price Change Mechanisms
  • Exploring Alternative Packaging Technologies Opportunities
  • Exploring Make Versus Buy Opportunities and Plastics Packaging Tolling Opportunities




RTi engineer
proprietary model


We are in the market everyday so we know what margins a supplier will accept


Best-in-Class Pricing

Our average engagement with a client yields a Double-digit savings on their total packaging spend.

Our clients include:

6 of the 10 largest QSRs in the U.S.

2 of the top 5 protein companies in the world.

2 of the top 10 med-pharma companies in the U.S.



Same Suppliers​

You don’t have to change your suppliers to realize best-in-class savings when RTi’s PacIQ Team is your procurement partner

Same Specifications​

What good is cutting costs if you must cut corners to do it?

Reduced Invoice​

What does change? Your bottom line. It increases.


Look at your packaging cost in a different way. PacIQ is powered by our real-time market intel with real raw material pricing. Our industry veterans use that data in our proprietary cost models. In doing so, we arrive at what you should truly be paying for an item. Because our data and models are so accurate, suppliers are willing to negotiate to the target price. Our target price RFP strategy has created over $1 billion in savings for our clients.

Tired of accepting another token savings offer from your supplier? Want more?

Maybe a 2-3 percent savings offer is good but why guess when we can analyze your packaging spend and give you that answer with certainty? That’s purchasing with peace of mind. Find out how we can improve your PacIQ. Empower your procurement team. Contact us to assess the opportunity we can find together.

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