Sustainability. Recycling. Circular Economy. Odds are, these topics are at the forefront of conversations within your company. We are here to help.

RTi has the market insights needed to operationalize and achieve your sustainable packaging commitments.


Our sustainability advisory program is built on over 22 years of recycling history, a deep understanding of real alternatives, real prices and what’s really available in the market. If you are thinking about adding more recycled content, looking for an alternate material, making a long-term green commitment, building a system to capture recycled material, we can help. Our tailored engagements empower your team to effectively pinpoint challenges, access information, and create a strategy to achieve success.
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What makes us different in sustainability?

DATA-DRIVEN – We provide real-time market insights so you don’t just think you’ll achieve your goals… you know.

TECHNICAL EXPERTS  – Our analysts average 30+ years experience and are equipped to advise on a wide range of packaging considerations.

COLLABORATIVE – We work hand-in-hand with your teams to do the work.

SOLUTIONS-ORIENTED – Our pay-for-success model keeps us laser focused on your goals.

SCALE – We have a client base that buys 14 billion pounds of resin and more than $6 billion in paper and corrugate each year, enabling us to help drive the movement to drive scalable sustainable change.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve got sustainable packaging commitments looming or if you’re just starting to think about some sustainable packaging alternatives, our engineers can help. Most sustainability goals are twofold: beginning with renewable or recycled content and ending with a product that can be fully recycled. Our deep understanding of raw materials, their availability, their pricing and how they function enables us to both provide options and operationalize those options. Our Sustain U program will not only help you reach the goals you have in place today but to create new ones that resonate with your consumers and are better for the planet. Sustain U is the partner to ensure your success for all your sustainability initiatives.


Our team will guide you through the real world of all things sustainable. This isn’t pie in the sky talk, this is authentic, rubber meets the road, real-time information.


To begin your journey towards sustainable packaging let us join your team.

Select materials & alternate specs

Track prices and availability

Forecast potential barriers to success​

Build a roadmap to finance the transition

Is 100% of your packaging recyclable?

Design + source for recyclability

Discover innovative recycling methods

Incorporate recycled materials back into sourced packaging

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